What I did on 2007-11-14

@ruperthowe, you’re cracking me up. sorry about the pain. just picturing you twittering your pain away is somehow amusing. anyway, i hop … # watching the android video: http://rex.fm/link/13 [http://rex.fm/link/13] # street views on gPhones! 3D gaming on gPhones! I can’t wait. I’ll get on with real buttons and video recording to balance out my[…]

Naked Juice

Naked Juice, originally uploaded by rpechler. I’m drinking this in class… Pomegranate is my favorite Naked Juice… The one I always got from the lobbies at Google. Anyway, I just picked this up at the Oakes Cafe, for $3.68! (a hell of a lot more than FREE). I wonder how much Google pays. Sent from[…]