What I did on Friday, Nov 16, 2007

just completed an automated system for downloading new tv episodes, converting them to iphone, and adding to itunes. http://rex.fm/link/17 # my favorite indie music mp3blog/podcast for my ipod: http://hypem.com/playlist/blog/559/rss/1/feed.xml "Obscure Sound" # "Google has hired game-theory specialists to help plot its auction strategy, say people familiar with the matter." heh. # watching the first episode[…]

Lyrics.app for iPhone (idea)

Lyrics.app for iPhone (idea), originally uploaded by rpechler. I wish I could make this. I really wish I didn’t have a midterm tomorrow. I wish I had this on my iPhone. I’d love to discuss the idea further with anyone interested. Wish me luck on my Econ midterm at 11AM! (I need it!) Sent from[…]

What I did on 2007-11-14

@ruperthowe, you’re cracking me up. sorry about the pain. just picturing you twittering your pain away is somehow amusing. anyway, i hop … # watching the android video: http://rex.fm/link/13 [http://rex.fm/link/13] # street views on gPhones! 3D gaming on gPhones! I can’t wait. I’ll get on with real buttons and video recording to balance out my[…]

Naked Juice

Naked Juice, originally uploaded by rpechler. I’m drinking this in class… Pomegranate is my favorite Naked Juice… The one I always got from the lobbies at Google. Anyway, I just picked this up at the Oakes Cafe, for $3.68! (a hell of a lot more than FREE). I wonder how much Google pays. Sent from[…]

What I did on 2007-11-13

my friend is DJ’ing Happy Hardcore (fast techno music) live right now from his dorm room: http://www.stickam.com/profile/djwakko [http:/ … # I just saw an ad on TV for breakfast to go from Denny’s. # hooray for delegation # drank too much caffeine. time for a little run. # That probably took way to long for[…]

Le Cafe du Petit Prince

I’m not sure why, but this coffee cup reminds me of that wonderful French Children’s Book, Le Petit Prince. I actually would like to use the other colored cups, but the lids don’t fit those. And this is at the cafeteria at the UCSC Inn where I live, so I use these almost every day. […]