My Resolutions for 2008

Lose 20 pounds. (Don’t we all? I want to be fit enough to enjoy parkour) Get organized. (GTD, and variants) Blog consistently. (Here, at Rex.FM) Take more photos. (And geotag them… Look out Flickr!) I’ll probably be covering my progress with all these things here. Even the fitness stuff. It’s the only way I’ll do[…]

Mac 101: Keyboard text selection

I use these all the time… especially holding Option or Command while using the arrows to move the cursor around. To select text you hold down the SHIFT key and then use the arrow keys or HOME, END, PAGEUP, and PAGEDOWN. The left/right arrow keys (plus SHIFT) will increase the selection one character in that[…]

Facebook for iPhone… Still Incomplete

I just saw a post by Robert Scoble, where he mentions the iPhone interface for Facebook that Joe Hewitt created. Facebook for iPhone looks pretty slick, I’ll admit that. But it is also missing a ton of essential features.My top wishlist / feature requests: Commenting on photos Edit Profile info Message people from their profile Groups These are[…]