Google Calendar of S.F. Farmers Markets

Add this to your Google Calendar: A Google Calendar of all of the Farmers Markets in and around San Francisco- Pretty neat! Right now I’m adding all the ones I actually go to to my own calendar… Menlo Park. Palo Alto. Los Altos. East Palo Alto. …and counting ๐Ÿ˜‰


“my world is CHROME. here is some of the stuff i’ve been shooting around town.” From NYC HDR, posted by Rexford William Pechler on 3/03/2011 (29 items) anna times square “information center” in the subway DSC_0076_7_8_tonemapped spaces for plants open stairway DSC_0131_2_3_tonemapped_tonemapped hdr_newyork_is_wet_DSC_0008_09_10_tonemapped DSC_0014_5_6 central park lake, bridge, central park central park DSC_0061_2_3 rock, lake,[…]

Building an Eco-Village

I started thinking about founding an eco-village about a year ago, and since then I’ve been researching various sustainable technologies and looking for land and partners. In the meantime I’ve found/built a network of interested people, and may have just found some potential land in New Mexico! The goal is to create a place from[…]

Putting Alcohol In My Gas Tank

I’ve been reading this really exciting book called Alcohol Can Be A Gas, and it argues that the technology for a sustainable fuel economy is already here, and we can start driving on carbon-sequestering biofuels with our same cars, already today! What’s better news? Because the nautral economics of alcohol fuel produxtion, rhe market will[…]

New Directions

Just wanted to announce here that I’ve recently left Google, and planning to do some more blogging. Here, and elsewhere. From now on, I get to choose which problems to work on. Global warming. Social disconnectedness. Collaborative consumption. Collective intelligence… Excited? Me too! ๐Ÿ˜‰