Google Calendar of S.F. Farmers Markets

Add this to your Google Calendar: A Google Calendar of all of the Farmers Markets in and around San Francisco- Pretty neat! Right now I’m adding all the ones I actually go to to my own calendar… Menlo Park. Palo Alto. Los Altos. East Palo Alto. …and counting 😉


“my world is CHROME. here is some of the stuff i’ve been shooting around town.” From NYC HDR, posted by Rexford William Pechler on 3/03/2011 (29 items) anna times square “information center” in the subway DSC_0076_7_8_tonemapped spaces for plants open stairway DSC_0131_2_3_tonemapped_tonemapped hdr_newyork_is_wet_DSC_0008_09_10_tonemapped DSC_0014_5_6 central park lake, bridge, central park central park DSC_0061_2_3 rock, lake, Read more about NYC HDR[…]

Putting Alcohol In My Gas Tank

I’ve been reading this really exciting book called Alcohol Can Be A Gas, and it argues that the technology for a sustainable fuel economy is already here, and we can start driving on carbon-sequestering biofuels with our same cars, already today! What’s better news? Because the nautral economics of alcohol fuel produxtion, rhe market will Read more about Putting Alcohol In My Gas Tank[…]

New Directions

Just wanted to announce here that I’ve recently left Google, and planning to do some more blogging. Here, and elsewhere. From now on, I get to choose which problems to work on. Global warming. Social disconnectedness. Collaborative consumption. Collective intelligence… Excited? Me too! 😉