New Directions

Just wanted to announce here that I’ve recently left Google, and planning to do some more blogging. Here, and elsewhere. From now on, I get to choose which problems to work on. Global warming. Social disconnectedness. Collaborative consumption. Collective intelligence… Excited? Me too! 😉

I’m “Going Green” – Here’s How

I’ve been ever more attracted to a "green" lifestyle recently, and here’s a list some of the things I’m doing and planning to do. Alternative Transportation. I love driving, and I love my car. However, it’s really expensive, and usually not necessary. I just fixed up my bike, which I rode yesterday, along with Caltrain[…]

Raw Food Diet

Inspired by a blog post from a high school classmate of mine (on his blog about organic food and his adaptation to a raw food diet)… I’ve spontaneously embraced the idea and just had a 99% raw dinner in the dining hall (about 50% organic). Here’s what I had: Olives Garbanzo Beans Shredded Carrot Apple[…]

Dictation Software

I’m considering using MacSpeech Dictate for blogging. However I can’t decide yet whether using dictation software is more liberating or more constricting in the writing process. So far I feel I have a limited vocabulary, and the dates it and the dictation software can’t pick up on my implicit punctuation. However the software is otherwise[…]

One Week With A Nokia N95

I’ve been using a Nokia N95 8GB (N95-2) for the past week. And I just took the SIM card out and put it back in my iPhone. Here’s why: The user interface feels outdated after getting used to the iPhone. It feels more like Windows than Mac if you know what I mean. It doesn’t[…]

Seeking Better Mobile Solution

So, I love my iPhone. There are some things that it can’t do that I really really want. 3G Data Speeds… EDGE is too damn slow. Video Broadcasting … no app exists, and it would be too slow anyway. GPS. Location-based notifications among other things, also broadcasting my location. Also, tracking my whereabouts for posterity.[…]

Tech Gets Crazy

I’ve started a new blog… I’ve decided to make Rex.FM more of a personal blog, while I’ll post my crazy, tech-related posts over at TechGetsCrazy. I feel like it will be a better outlet for my ideas without pushing my personal brand too much. I mean, I really want Rex.FM to be about me,[…]