Auto-generate animated GIFs from security camera footage with MotionEye hack

So I’ve set up several raspberry-pi based cameras around the house using MotionEye software (¬†https://github.com/ccrisan/motioneye ), and integrated it very simply with the smart-home software I’m developing for my startup to send near-instant notifications via our Google Hangouts chatbot. While it’s nice to get instantly notified of motion at the front door while I’m working[…]

How Do You Sleep At Night?

Do you ever worry about the problems in the world? Would you consider yourself “concerned” about Global Warming? Do you ever wonder what your daily actions are contributing to the bigger picture? Are you comfortable with the way you are living now or is it a guessing game of greenwashing and faux sustainability? I’m here[…]


“my world is CHROME. here is some of the stuff i’ve been shooting around town.” From NYC HDR, posted by Rexford William Pechler on 3/03/2011 (29 items) anna times square “information center” in the subway DSC_0076_7_8_tonemapped spaces for plants open stairway DSC_0131_2_3_tonemapped_tonemapped hdr_newyork_is_wet_DSC_0008_09_10_tonemapped DSC_0014_5_6 central park lake, bridge, central park central park DSC_0061_2_3 rock, lake,[…]