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This is random collection of thoughts and experiments. I hope you will be entertained, perhaps even inspired, or at least find something useful. Lately what I’ve been up to is this: Permaculture Plant-based Cuisine Building a business doing custom electronics and service Helping out family friends and neighbors with tech support and dog walking etc skateboarding!  


7 Ways To Fundamentally Lower Your Food Costs

It all starts with changing where and how you get your food. Go someplace else or just bring a different approach!

  1. Grow Your Own.
  2. Buy In Bulk.
  3. Bargain.
  4. Cook.
  5. Share.
  6. Forage.
  7. Get it for free.
    + Bonus

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Building an Eco-Village

I started thinking about founding an eco-village about a year ago, and since then I’ve been researching various sustainable technologies and looking for land and partners. In the meantime I’ve found/built a network of interested people, and may have just found some potential land in New Mexico! The goal is to create a place from […]

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Putting Alcohol In My Gas Tank

I’ve been reading this really exciting book called Alcohol Can Be A Gas, and it argues that the technology for a sustainable fuel economy is already here, and we can start driving on carbon-sequestering biofuels with our same cars, already today! What’s better news? Because the nautral economics of alcohol fuel produxtion, rhe market will […]