Mobile Productivity

Productivity On My Phone

I use a Treo 700w. It runs Windows Mobile 5. It’s not as powerful as I would like (I can only run 3-4 things at once), but I can still do a whole lot with it.

More and more sites are getting Mobile interfaces. For example, I can use Gmail, Facebook, Google Reader, Flickr and soon YouTube from Pocket Internet Explorer on my phone (many more sites too). And the phone can do mobile web browsing well.

Here are some of my other Mobile Web Favorites: (iGoogle, my startpage. Access to gmail, google reader, search), (Electronic internet radio stations), (Can message all your friends, see their pics… etc.) (For twittering…)

I also use a few applications on my phone:
Google Maps! (Amazing. Even works with that Bluetooth GPS thing I bought recently.)
Skype (Sound comes out the wrong speaker, but works great for speakerphone)
USB Modem (lets me connect to the internet with my mac laptop)
KeyLight (saves a lot of battery power by toggling off keyboard backlight LEDs)
Shozu (GeoTag your pics! neat new app that interfaces with many personal media sites YouTube, Flickr etc to upload your pics/videos etc. and can attach GPS location to your pics)

There are a lot of fun things to play with on my phone, but it can really feel productive when you’re responding to emails and reading your news subscriptions. I’m excited about the future of mobile phones, especially with that cool new iPhone from Apple. In the meantime, I know there’s lots more to do with my phone… what have I missed?

Update: I have an iPhone now. =D

Fitness Mobile

Run: Boulder Scramble on Live Oak Beaches

That's pretty much where I was running.

So my friend Dana Stocking invited all his Facebook friends to a Nike+ Competition: Who can run the most miles in 30 days. I’ve done these competitions before, but only with my girlfriend. Anyway, I couldn’t sleep because I was setting up my new GPS toy so I could map out my runs… and I went out once it got light outside. I get bored just running for distance, so I try leap from boulder to boulder the whole way.

Route: Live Oak Beaches (on the boulders)
Distance: 5.07 mi
Time: 01:10:10
kCal: 659
Temp: 54° F

Slick huh? I’m trying this amazing application: TrailRunner. It combines the data from your Nike+ Sport Kit and your GPS data logger.