I’m Running Barefoot With Vibram FiveFingers

Oh my! Love these new shoes.

Just did a quick run this morning with them for the first time… such freedom of motion.

I’m anxious to wear them again but I washed them in the shower after my run and they’re hanging out to dry.

Oh, and my feet look a little like those of a gorilla when I’m wearing them… but I’m not wearing them for looks, promise.

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Raw Food Diet

Inspired by a blog post from a high school classmate of mine (on his blog about organic food and his adaptation to a raw food diet)… I’ve spontaneously embraced the idea and just had a 99% raw dinner in the dining hall (about 50% organic). Here’s what I had:

Garbanzo Beans
Shredded Carrot
Sliced green bell peppers
A few small cubes of tofu (not raw)
Cherry tomatoes

And 2 glasses of water

That’s probably not the best meal, but it was actually rather tasty, and the whole experience feels good so far, but I of course haven’t seen any real health benefits yet.

Why the spontaneous life-change? Well, I had just stuffed myself with fast food, and was feeling guilty and bloated… So, the promise of feeling healthier was, and is, quite attractive. And it all started with this video:

Here are some other good videos:
and more from the same guy:

Naturally, I was a little suspicious of some of his scientific claims, however, I’ve seen nothing to dispute them, and the Raw Foodism Wikipedia article is encouraging.

My plans? I’m really hoping to feel a noticeable difference within a week… reduced stress would really help in this last 2 weeks of college. So, my fingers are crossed and let’s see where this goes. But also, a raw food diet totally fits in with my solar power, sustainable housing and transportation ideals, so whatever happens, my diet will definitely have a much higher percentage of raw fruits and vegetables from now on.

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Running, Resolutions follow-up

So I’ve been running a lot last week. I ran 20 miles over 3 days. Which is a lot for me, because I hadn’t been running in a long time.

Why would I do this to myself? I was in a competition with a friend on … we wear our iPod nanos and use the Nike+ device that counts our steps… tracking distance and speed. Anyway, we were competing for the most distance over a month. And she had been running consistently, and I was trying to catch up at the last minute. I came close, but didn’t quite catch up.

I started enjoying running again… especially when I ran 9.7 miles one night to Natural Bridges and back.

I don’t have a weight scale here at the University Inn, but I don’t think I’ve made much progress on that part of my New Year’s Resolutions… yet, at least.

Time for a new Nike+ Challenge? I think so.
You can add me to your challenge:
Nike+ username: rpechler

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Run: Boulder Scramble on Live Oak Beaches

That's pretty much where I was running.

So my friend Dana Stocking invited all his Facebook friends to a Nike+ Competition: Who can run the most miles in 30 days. I’ve done these competitions before, but only with my girlfriend. Anyway, I couldn’t sleep because I was setting up my new GPS toy so I could map out my runs… and I went out once it got light outside. I get bored just running for distance, so I try leap from boulder to boulder the whole way.

Route: Live Oak Beaches (on the boulders)
Distance: 5.07 mi
Time: 01:10:10
kCal: 659
Temp: 54° F

Slick huh? I’m trying this amazing application: TrailRunner. It combines the data from your Nike+ Sport Kit and your GPS data logger.