Why Smart Light Bulbs Make Sense

I live in a pretty old house and I have many normal light switches that aren’t always in the most convenient location. I had just one dimmer switch but replaced it as we liked using cheap CFL bulbs and now use cheap LED ones, neither of which dim well.

About a month ago I decided to purchase a Google Home (“smart speaker”), and a Philips Hue starter kit including a few white+color LED bulbs and the hub. We’ve been using it fairly basically so far, to just turn on and off indvidual or groups of lights via voice. One thing I’ve started to appreciate is the ability to turn the brightness all the way down to 10-25% at night time, so I can have some visibility in the hallway without the jarring full brightness.

So – for the cost of nice dimmer switches I have dimmable light bulbs, and I’m starting to figure out better ways to control them and automate them to turn on/off automatically without having to use commands. More to come on that soon.