What I did on Monday, Dec 31, 2007

  • We saw/counted 79 Banana Slugs on the Big Basin to the Sea trail today. Beautiful Sunday. #
  • Brought my GPS datalogger along, currently geotagging 252 photos. #
  • Snowboarding at Sugar Bowl with @Brittni and Brent. Tracking my runs with my GPS datalogger (!). #

What I did on Saturday, Dec 29, 2007

  • I’m at Bad Ass Coffee in Santa Cruz. The cashier just told me that you can’t make a cappuccino with Half&Half… because it doesn’t foam. #
  • I’m calling BS tho, cuz I’ve had plenty foamy cappuccinos made with Half&Half. Any coffee nuts have an opinion? #
  • They made me a latte. That’s not even what I asked for. Hmm. Last time, I ordered the same thing, and it was great. Maybe it’s the cashier. #
  • Still tasty, I must admit. =D #
  • Using the free Macs at this cafe. The new aluminum keyboards are nice. #
  • At Marianne’s for 10-20 Ice Cream. #
  • My iPhone Lyrics wishes/prayers have been answered check out in =D #
  • @danielsoneg Thanks for the info! Now I want to go back to Bad Ass… But I’m out of town. #
  • I just spent too much time restoring my 1.1.2 iPhone, downgrading to 1.1.1 to jailbreak, then upgrading to 1.1.2 again. #
  • And something went wrong, because I don’t have anymore… so I’m pretty much back where I started. Grr. #
  • @Brittni, Welcome to Twitter! #

What I did on Friday, Dec 28, 2007

  • My Twitter stats, to date: Thanks @dacort for the perl script! #
  • Of course, you never judge a band by it’s name. But I’m just checking out @afinefrenzy, and I was expecting punk. Definitely not punk. #
  • @davewiner why’s it called OPML.dmg? #
  • @davewiner … lol, nevermind, sorry. =D #
  • So, where do I get Absinthe in the SF Bay Area? (I’m in SJ right now) #
  • I’ve only read about it in Hemingway books… apparently it’s legal now in the US?! (OMG) #
  • "Ernest Hemingway is said to have been a consummate absinthe drinker and was known to have a glass or two before running with the bulls." #
  • @dacort Well, I do like black licorice… So, I’ll probably at least like the taste. =D #
  • off to see Sweeny Todd at Oakridge #
  • Valet parking at the Mall. (Rushing to a movie) #
  • Chowing down at Sushi Boat. $30 / 10 minutes. #
  • @dacort re: drunken pie making … seen Sweeney Todd yet? #
  • I hope there’s a cure for cancer before I get it. #
  • @rsuenaga, "Unknown User … There is no user ryansuenaga at" #
  • @MarinaMartin interesting… we both tweet less around noon #
  • I can’t believe I’ve been on Twitter for 12 months already. It doesn’t feel like it at all. #
  • @MarinaMartin Some spammer’s been using my as the "sender" address for some time now. Quite frustrating. #
  • @robknight you beat me to it… I apparently joined Jan 31 this year. So, I have just over a month I guess before my ‘Twitterversary’. #
  • @Akula, @MarinaMartin Srsly… I met some kid at work who said, proudly (!), that his friend was a spammer. (Pretty sure he was let go) #
  • @RobKnight, kinda fun to look at those old tweets… @dacort ‘s perl script / csv file make it pretty easy. #
  • @MarinaMartin I’m not sure I’d go that far, but… yeah. #
  • /drinking sleepytime #
  • ooh, I set up OmniFocus with so I can add tasks via email (from my iPhone) !! #
  • Looking at my old tweets (.csv) in TextEdit. Fun. #
  • Twitter archives are way better than trying to keep a diary, in terms of keeping track of my daily life. For many reasons. Esp. incentive. #
  • /says goodnight #
  • um, hi @HRBlock, welcome to Twitter. Seriously. #
  • Just looking at … Why’s it all (mostly) Dutch? #
  • Hello, Hulu! (Thanks, Mashable Invites!) #

What I did on Thursday, Dec 27, 2007

  • Touring Downtown Half Moon Bay #
  • Just got a 22" LCD from Fry’s ($169 !!). It’s not the best quality, but the reviews were good. 15" was not enough for everything I do. #
  • JustgotamessagelikethisinmyemailfromafriendthroughEvite…thoughtI’dtryitheretoseehowitlooksonTwitter…TheplaceIusuallyamtryingtosparechars #
  • [flickr] Just Add Water and Scramble: rexpechler posted a photo:

    At REI in Mountain View. #

  • search is broken? #
  • no, just really slow apparently #
  • @StarrGazr How are you putting the Eye-Fi to use? #
  • @dacort I’d like to check out your perl script =D #

Twitter Stats 2007-12-27

Twitter Stats 2007-12-27, originally uploaded by rexpechler.

Graphical representation on my Twittering activity. Thanks to for the perl script. More info:

Notice on Tweets per Hour, that I tweet very little in the middle of the day.
On Tweets per day, my procrastination reaches a maximum mid-week.
And in Tweets per Month, I Twittered away very little time during my summer internship at Google.


Just Add Water and Scramble

Just Add Water and Scramble, originally uploaded by rexpechler.

At REI in Mountain View.


What I did on Wednesday, Dec 26, 2007

  • still hungry. Gimme some cornbread. #

What I did on Tuesday, Dec 25, 2007

  • Watching last week’s Journeyman. Shit’s getting craazy! #
  • Hahlo is missing features… Like a way to follow new people. #
  • I was surprised to find out we were having some sort of Chinese too this evening… Like @Scobleizer #
  • [flickr] Christmas Eve Dinner: rpechler posted a photo: #
  • [flickr] That was quick: rpechler posted a photo: #
  • [flickr] Sleeping through the Festivities: rpechler posted a photo: #
  • Not feeling like wrapping presents. I should have bought some gift bags. #
  • @ijohnpederson I just showed that Lessig video to my mom. Interestingly, she’s in a similar line of work as you. #
  • @robknight Merry Christmas! #
  • Just linked my Google Account and YouTube Account. #
  • When did YouTube video quality go up? Everything looks great! #
  • Merry Christmas California! #
  • @danielsoneg right, well that too =D #
  • @kimonostereo what’s the deal with the giveaway? #
  • @kimonostereo Oh, cool! But, I’ll pass. Thanks tho! #
  • I remember when getting video together on the PC was hard. Not to mention putting it online! Lucky kids these days. #
  • My mom told me earlier tonight that they never taught me to believe in Santa Claus…and I’m glad. I didn’t remember if I had ever believed. #
  • @kimonostereo …should be easier when the rest of the U.S. wakes up. =D #
  • With Episode 13, Journeyman just became really really awesome! (The story is filling out, and it’s becoming more plausible and realistic) #
  • As a perfectionist, I’d like a tool (web app) that would let me suggest corrections to a site owner (or blogger or editor). Bookmarklet? #
  • Something heavy just ran across the roof. Probably a fat raccoon. Now he’s on the deck. Me no likey. #
  • @irinaslutsky Cool house! (I’d put it in a tree though) #
  • @irinaslutsky did you come across it because it’s what the Current TV studio set is designed after? #
  • "Twitter is just IRC turned inside out. It’s a giant IRC channel for the whole twitterverse, but everyone is by default set to ignore." #
  • That’s from #
  • OMG. How am I going to wake up in 4.5 hours? #
  • Crazy. I just emailed 2 people at 4AM in California… and they both replied within minutes. I can’t sleep either. #
  • OmniFocus (Mac GTD App) looks awesome! Just watched the large size intro video. #
  • "I use firefox tabs as post-it notes. I have 324 open tabs…" Firefox is not a good GTD system. WTF. #

What I did on Monday, Dec 24, 2007

  • Hacking together an iPhoto Geo-Tagging workflow. #
  • @StarrGazr Thanks! And to you. #
  • is great! It’s finding all my friends’ MySpace pages among other things… #
  • @Scobleizer okay #
  • @MarinaMartin too much space after the H2’s #
  • @MarinaMartin … and more space before #
  • Do I have the date wrong? why’s everyone opening presents already? #
  • What’s the deal with Notifications? What if I want to turn SMS Notifications on for all people I’m following? #
  • I like today’s Rhymes with Orange comic: #

Christmas Eve Dinner

Christmas Eve Dinner, originally uploaded by rpechler.