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Run: Boulder Scramble on Live Oak Beaches

That's pretty much where I was running.

So my friend Dana Stocking invited all his Facebook friends to a Nike+ Competition: Who can run the most miles in 30 days. I’ve done these competitions before, but only with my girlfriend. Anyway, I couldn’t sleep because I was setting up my new GPS toy so I could map out my runs… and I went out once it got light outside. I get bored just running for distance, so I try leap from boulder to boulder the whole way.

Route: Live Oak Beaches (on the boulders)
Distance: 5.07 mi
Time: 01:10:10
kCal: 659
Temp: 54° F

Slick huh? I’m trying this amazing application: TrailRunner. It combines the data from your Nike+ Sport Kit and your GPS data logger.

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The Worst Thing About the Social Web

For me, the worst thing (at least in regard to productivity) about the Social Web, Web 2.0, is not just having way too many articles to read, but also that I am compelled to read all the comments too.

Especially on posts that I’m interested in… for example, I was just reading a piece on Rich HTML signatures in Gmail over at Amit Agarwal’s Digital Inspiration (He does India). The comments are right there at the bottom of the post and it’s very interesting to see all the different ways people respond to his article:


Intriguing isn’t it? …And I just want to keep reading all of them, but I can’t… we can’t. I mean, for awhile, when I was just getting familiar with Web 2.0, I spent a lot of time reading comments on Digg (et al.). But now I use Google Reader keep up with everything (even Facebook now), which spares me from the temptation by not showing comments (of course, if I really want to say something, I can go to the original post on the blog’s website).

Do you suffer from this temptation to read comments too? How do you handle it?


Wikipedia on my phone

I’ve been reading various articles from Wikipedia on my Palm Treo 700w late=
ly, and it’s worth trying out. I haven’t tried it yet on any other phones, =
I’m curious about that.

On Pocket Internet Explorer (included browser), press Menu->View->One Colum=
n to make the page look good and easy to read.

I’ve been reading about the books I’m reading for a class, as well as about=
a car I was interested in lately. (I’ll add links later, I’m posting from =
my phone)=

Found Mac

The Best SpellChecker I’ve Ever Seen (and it’s free!)

If you use a spell checker, even occasionally, check this out. Uses Google (Web API) to correct mistakes, and works amazingly well. (It’s Mac only so far)
Watch the short video demonstration!

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The Best Computer Monitors for Your Parents

My mother wears reading glasses, and prints out her email to read it; she says it’s “easier on her eyes.”

I’m wondering if a bigger monitor, at a lower DPI resolution, could be a solution to aging eyes and computer use.

Would it be possible for my mom to really browse the web?

[She’s asleep right now, I’m emailing her.
In the meantime, have you tried this?
Can you browse the web normally, and without glasses?
…What are the best display resolutions for older people?
What is the optimal screen size for poor eyes?]

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Wintec WBT-200

Bluetooth GPS Logger for under $100!


Photos, and Maps… and cheap GPS!

So Flickr announced yesterday their new support for Geotagging/Maps: So you can put your photos on their Yahoo! Maps. This would be really cool for those touristy outings you do on vacation. You could actually remember later where you took pictures, even after 7 Mai-Tais. Just throw this thing in your bag, and then hook it up to you computer with your camera when you get home.

Wintec WBT-200MAKE blog found a GPS logger under $100. The Wintec WBT-200 is pretty much sold out everywhere today, but the WBT-100 (which actually looks like the superior model, by supporting USB in addition to just Bluetooth) costs only $10 more. I just bought one. 😀


Law and Order

I’ve been watching TV with Brittni. Episode after episode of Law and Order: SVU. I don’t believe I’ve watched the show before. It’s not bad, but every episode is like the same, and the stories are only somewhat interesting. Oh well, I guess this isn’t the most exciting first post for a blog, so I promise to make the next one better.


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