What I did on 2007-11-14

  • @ruperthowe, you’re cracking me up. sorry about the pain. just picturing you twittering your pain away is somehow amusing. anyway, i hop … #
  • watching the android video: [] #
  • street views on gPhones! 3D gaming on gPhones! I can’t wait. I’ll get on with real buttons and video recording to balance out my iPhone #
  • I love iChat’s Applescript capabilities in Leopard. So much hacking fun! #
  • woohoo! I figured out how to get rss feeds from [] work as podcasts in iTunes again! (I’ll blog it soon) #
  • this makes "Loving" music on the Hype Machine that much better, because your iTunes is downloading all that music you liked. #
  • just loved Islands – Rough Gem #
  • I’m doing some econ homework, and when I see "President Clinton" I keep thinking of Hillary. #
  • Trying my hardest to pay attention in Macroecon today. But nothing he says makes any sense. Must read book. #

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