What I did on Tuesday, Dec 11, 2007

  • I don’t like consuming media backwards… like for example, you read the most recent first… then you read older and older news #
  • What a coincidence! I just downloaded Songbird out of the blue. And apparently there’s some event going on there right now. #
  • @v, re: your earlier question about slang for “peace” … i’ve seen: “pz” but only used as “goodbye” not for “pax” #
  • @v, yes, i think so, but, it doesn’t flow so nicely… = #
  • lifehack of the day: subscribe to your Facebook Events feed in Google Calendar (or iCal if you prefer) #
  • listening to (instrumental tracks posted to mp3 blogs = study music) #
  • @MarinaMartin, I think the effectiveness of an umbrella is a direct inverse correlation to windiness. Like, No Wind = No Wetness #
  • scratch that… listening to (Instrumental Remixes) #
  • listening to bootlegs of DJ Tïesto’s weekly radio show / live mixes, “Club Life” #
  • …as I study for my final final. I have to pass this class, or I’m not allowed to be an Econ Major. Oh, The Pressure! #
  • @t0fu Great Movie! #
  • “Surrender to the Sound, Surrender to the DJ” #
  • I want an iTunes visualizer that is a bunch of (Nintendo Wii) Mii’s dancing to the music. #

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