What I did on Sunday, Dec 16, 2007

  • 12 hours of sleep (catching up after finals week). Now, doing laundry, unpacking. #
  • Trying to add the iusethis Facebook app. Seems I can’t associate the accounts because I used OpenID at iusethis. #
  • Hmm, maybe the iusethis FB app is "under construction". I’m seeing a ‘welcome to Catalyst’ ( message #
  • watching Bubble 2.0: The Video #
  • drinking caffeine, doing laundry #
  • hey! I think the "is" is really gone! (on Facebook) #
  • I can’t switch from Gmail to Apple Mail. I love Gmail too much. #
  • But I am trying to get used to putting the Dock on the left side. This way, I can see it all the time and have a tidy screen (widescreen) #
  • I wonder if Snoop flies NWA. (Northwest Airlines) #
  • NWA = Northwest Airlines …and Ni**as wit Attitude #
  • found my mom’s wallet after 1 minute. parents have been looking for it for hours. #
  • at a construction company’s Christmas party. Not feeling at home. #
  • I don’t see how people can stand PocketTweets. It’s flawed in so many ways. #
  • @robknight Do It! (Make the Leap) #

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