What I did on Tuesday, Dec 18, 2007

  • @tshellen that’s a crazy good book. read it for a class. Old man Tarwater get to ya? Or the crazy pimp driver? #
  • Lady Sovereign is probably what Lily Allen’s little brother Alfie listens to when he takes Ritalin. #
  • I think I’ve forgotten how to fall asleep. #
  • Appreciating Doc Searls’ writing style for the first time. #
  • @robknight, that’s surely a really good idea. but i’m already in bed. laptop in bed is some sort of cardinal sin, no? #
  • @v uh-oh! @robknight, well I did, but now I’m up again. With a new website idea. #
  • btw, @robknight, the chars look fine in Snitter #
  • i can’t believe how hard it is to enable audio recording on a website. imagine all the sites not made b/c you need $1000s to do it in flash. #
  • @csm, i liked your In Rainbows DiscBox review. #
  • Paul Krugman blogs: #
  • unsubscribing from Mashable in Google Reader. Wheat/Chaff ratio too low. #
  • Replaced a fuse with copper wire to get my windshield wipers working. #

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