What I did on Friday, Dec 21, 2007

  • christmas lights finally wired up. starting to feel like christmas now at my parents’ house #
  • tired of Snitter. and don’t want to pay for Twitteriffic. #
  • @v notifications coming to IM? please elaborate #
  • thanks @v for the suggestion! I’m running the old Twitteriffic without the ads now! #
  • @danielpunkass so, if you do stay over, it’s implied you should tip the servants? #
  • @danielpunkass well, I’ll try to remember this if I’m ever staying the night in a house with servants. Ha! #
  • dinnertime! #
  • Just told Facebook TwitterSync to filter out tweets containing the ‘@’ character. #
  • Going to see Beowulf at 7:25 at AMC 20 in Santa Clara. #
  • Getting ready to watch Beowulf in 3D. You get these cool glasses! #
  • @jowyang, be careful with the GorillaPod. I broke the small one. That size is probably only good for compact digicams. #
  • @phillymac It’s my dream job too! If your serious, let’s talk about it. #
  • @dsifry true dat. #
  • @Ross, looks promising… it’s not picking up my MBP (USB) iSight either #
  • @irinaslutsky have you tried Philips Senseo. It’s probably the closest to coffee delivery (in convenience) #

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