What I did on Sunday, Dec 23, 2007

  • Restoring my iPhone. #
  • Yay! It’s like a brand new iPhone! #
  • I want this license plate: 1RIE420 #
  • Woohoo! Consistent WIFI to "the cottage" in back of my parents’ house. Finally. #
  • Oh. And this time, I made sure to only have one DHCP server, so we’re finally all on the same network, and can print and share files easily. #
  • Seesmic is something like what YouTube used to be… in terms of personal conversation. #
  • What’s your favorite Hex Editor for Mac? #
  • That Samsung Juke is apparently not loud enough. My girlfriend never hears it ring. #
  • If you’re 1337, you watch the log whenever you install anything on your mac. (CMD+L) #
  • It’s fun to watch famous (?) Mac programmers chat on Twitter. Thanks @brentsimmons and @danielpunkass #
  • Anyway, I’m finally installing Xcode #
  • @chrispirillo is crazy. #
  • @phillymac, ah well, maybe someday. Just let me know. =D #
  • When my blog is full of Twitter summaries, I know it’s really time to start blogging again. #
  • did you know [Shift] disables the "flash" in #
  • Is there any good website for finding tech products in local stores? #
  • Say I wanted to buy a certain camera… currently, I go to each store’s website (bestbuy/circuitcity/frys/…/.com) looking for lowest price #
  • This whole iPod Touch / iPhone VOIP confirmed for New Years thing is starting to sound like iphonesimfree (scammy) #
  • No CSS at #
  • I’m getting PT80 Label Makers for my girlfriend and mom. GTD. #
  • Do the people of Fiji actually benefit from the sale of Fiji Water here in the US? I think the should, but don’t think they do. #
  • My mom just asked for an invite to Facebook. Lookout! #
  • @courosa Agreed. @khokanson, I would only use a HD camcorder if you’re frequently recording events longer than 60 mins, and shorter than 3hr #
  • FacebookSync for Apple Address Book is awesome! #
  • The best part of FacebookSync: It downloads your friends’ Profile Pictures to Address Book. #
  • Just sync’ed my iPhone, so now I have all your pictures for when you call me. #
  • Oot and aboot today. SMS on. #
  • [flickr] Hanns-G 28" LCD Monitor: rpechler posted a photo: #

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