What I did on Tuesday, Dec 25, 2007

  • Watching last week’s Journeyman. Shit’s getting craazy! #
  • Hahlo is missing features… Like a way to follow new people. #
  • I was surprised to find out we were having some sort of Chinese too this evening… Like @Scobleizer #
  • [flickr] Christmas Eve Dinner: rpechler posted a photo: #
  • [flickr] That was quick: rpechler posted a photo: #
  • [flickr] Sleeping through the Festivities: rpechler posted a photo: #
  • Not feeling like wrapping presents. I should have bought some gift bags. #
  • @ijohnpederson I just showed that Lessig video to my mom. Interestingly, she’s in a similar line of work as you. #
  • @robknight Merry Christmas! #
  • Just linked my Google Account and YouTube Account. #
  • When did YouTube video quality go up? Everything looks great! #
  • Merry Christmas California! #
  • @danielsoneg right, well that too =D #
  • @kimonostereo what’s the deal with the giveaway? #
  • @kimonostereo Oh, cool! But, I’ll pass. Thanks tho! #
  • I remember when getting video together on the PC was hard. Not to mention putting it online! Lucky kids these days. #
  • My mom told me earlier tonight that they never taught me to believe in Santa Claus…and I’m glad. I didn’t remember if I had ever believed. #
  • @kimonostereo …should be easier when the rest of the U.S. wakes up. =D #
  • With Episode 13, Journeyman just became really really awesome! (The story is filling out, and it’s becoming more plausible and realistic) #
  • As a perfectionist, I’d like a tool (web app) that would let me suggest corrections to a site owner (or blogger or editor). Bookmarklet? #
  • Something heavy just ran across the roof. Probably a fat raccoon. Now he’s on the deck. Me no likey. #
  • @irinaslutsky Cool house! (I’d put it in a tree though) #
  • @irinaslutsky did you come across it because it’s what the Current TV studio set is designed after? #
  • "Twitter is just IRC turned inside out. It’s a giant IRC channel for the whole twitterverse, but everyone is by default set to ignore." #
  • That’s from #
  • OMG. How am I going to wake up in 4.5 hours? #
  • Crazy. I just emailed 2 people at 4AM in California… and they both replied within minutes. I can’t sleep either. #
  • OmniFocus (Mac GTD App) looks awesome! Just watched the large size intro video. #
  • "I use firefox tabs as post-it notes. I have 324 open tabs…" Firefox is not a good GTD system. WTF. #

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