Location Based Services … coming to life

You’ve probably driven a car with GPS navigation. You’ve maybe used a handheld GPS device. And maaybe you’ve geotagged some photos. But what you haven’t done yet is get location-based notifications as you navigate your world.

I think peoples awareness of location based stuff is sufficiently raised, judging by Helio adverts I’ve seen anyway, that now’s a good time to be throwing in the ‘Location Tagging’ stuff without scaring people too much.
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I want to be walking downtown and my phone reminding me of what I need to pick up from the pharmacy when I walk by it. Or whatever. Or tell me when my friends are in my vicinity. Or tell me what nearby events or parties are currently taking place.

It’s happening. The only thing yet to be seen is how fast the adoption will be.

Hopefully some of the Google Phones will have integrated GPS. If so, then the future of location-based computing will arrive this summer.

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