3 Weeks with iPhone 3G

I slept overnight outside the Palo Alto Apple Store to get this White 16GB iPhone on the first day. I immediately fell in love with the new physical design – the new iPhone feels so much nicer in my hands than the original iPhone. In fact, I’ve been using this new iPhone mostly without a case, leaving it naked in my otherwise empty left jeans pocket. I am using a screen protection film though.

GPS is really nice to have. It’s made the Google Maps application much more useful already, and I hear rumors of advanced navigation features in an upcoming iPhone update.

3G coverage is spotty, so it hasn’t been quite the revolution I was hoping for, but nonetheless an improvement, and quite speedy in some places.

The App Store is an interesting development too. I wish I had still, but there are a lot of decent apps coming out for free in the App Store, including one from WordPress which I’m using right now to write this post.

Anyway, I heartily recommend the new iPhone to almost everyone… You should get one today!

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