My Problem with URLs at FFFFOUND

I have have a problem with the URL schema at image bookmarking website Today on Google Talk, my friend Sujay Vennam set his away message to this “ ” which is an image which I found interesting and looked possibly like a t-shirt design. I wanted to find out more information about it, but how? I figured I could try searching for the URL address, maybe Google indexes URLs of HTML embedded images. Apparently not this one, at least. I also tried googling “5110fee08a1a350ce6493b8eef47a83e7618c77f” to no avail. Next, I thought I might be able to identify the URL schema by looking at some other images from… and sure enough: … looks similar right? just replace the id’s and voilĂ … now we have the photo’s page on FFFFOUND. But I still don’t have my t-shirt.

Well, on that page, you’ll see that the source is linked to… “Quoted from: Friends_Are_Foreverv27Detail.png (PNG-Grafik, 768×576 Pixel)”. Okay. So the t-shirt is probably called “Friends Are Forever”, and the “wootsaleimages” account at Amazon S3? Oh this must be the woot t-shirt thing that I heard about. Sure enough: … just like most links to woot… it was something that is sold out, meaning in this case, a t-shirt that I can’t have.

Damn it FFFFOUND, look at all the time you made me just waste. Can you please change your URLs somehow? Maybe just do{id} and{id} or maybe{id}/originalfilename

Also, try to be more respectful of where you quote your images from… like using the title of the source page, which in this case is: “Shirt.Woot : Friends Are Forever” … so your users will know where these images are coming from.

Mmm, and I have more feedback for you too. You can call me or email me if you’re interested, cause I don’t want to write it all out if you’re not listening.


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