What I did on 2007-11-10

  • @JasonCalacanis linky no worky #
  • twitter im, through jabber, is giving me duplicates of every tweet #
  • man i thought something was wrong with twitter IM.. i’ve been getting all sorts of halloween tweets today. i was still tracking ‘costume’ ! #
  • watching Crank with Brittni. I forgot how fun this movie is. #
  • they keep using Google Earth to show where they are in Los Angeles… in the movie! (Crank) #
  • Watching Michael Moore’s SiCKO now… it’s about health insurance in the US #
  • I don’t know what to say, other than… WATCH MICHAEL MOORE #
  • I don’t know what to say, other than… WATCH MICHAEL MOORE’S SiCKO #
  • I’m tracking ‘SHDH’ now. I’ll be late though… Going to take my parents’ cat to the vet first. #
  • I want a bookmarklet that takes a URL for any webpage with a flash video embed, converts for iPhone #SHDH #
  • Twitter SMS not sending me updates #
  • In the waiting room at the Emergency Pet Clinic. Our cat Pala just needs some fluids #
  • Thanks! @MarinaMartin … Though apparently it may be kidney failure. #

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