What I did on 2007-11-11

  • @v, uh oh, is there a lot of traffic going into the city? #
  • @davewiner … Wii Sports Boxing can be quite a workout. Oh and the upcoming DDR for Wii is gonna be insane #
  • I put my acceptance of/to Google’s job offer in the mail #
  • Bringing my girlfriend to SHDH. #
  • Regretting wearing sandals to SHDH. Just parked. #
  • I’m finally at Super Happy Dev House (SHDH) #
  • when i turn twitter im on, does twitter sms stop? #
  • woohoo! company launch upstairs… (a DevHouse first!) #
  • The company was Osogato, which has a system for analyzing your music and making playlists for you. Works with iTunes. Free download soon. #
  • Now someone is demoing the OLPC operating system. Very interesting, different. #
  • Did you know the OLPC goes on sale at 3 AM on Monday morning? #
  • just met Gordon, who runs open source network security tool project ‘nmap’. You run it from the command line, against a server, and get … #
  • Using @rtm from twitter SMS #
  • Drove way too much today #
  • Going on a Santa Clara Valley wine tasting trip with school. #
  • We’re driving over 152 towards Gilroy. Such pretty fall colors! #
  • Wine tasting in the AM FTW! Getting ready for lunch under a grape covered veranda #
  • I’m at Fortino winery in Gilroy. I didn’t like a single wine here. #
  • At Solis winery, looks pretty nice, but I have a problem with the name… (high school related) #

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