What I did on Thursday, Dec 27, 2007

  • Touring Downtown Half Moon Bay #
  • Just got a 22" LCD from Fry’s ($169 !!). It’s not the best quality, but the reviews were good. 15" was not enough for everything I do. #
  • JustgotamessagelikethisinmyemailfromafriendthroughEvite…thoughtI’dtryitheretoseehowitlooksonTwitter…TheplaceIusuallyamtryingtosparechars #
  • [flickr] Just Add Water and Scramble: rexpechler posted a photo:

    At REI in Mountain View. #

  • search is broken? #
  • no, just really slow apparently #
  • @StarrGazr How are you putting the Eye-Fi to use? #
  • @dacort I’d like to check out your perl script =D #

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