What I did on Friday, Dec 28, 2007

  • My Twitter stats, to date: Thanks @dacort for the perl script! #
  • Of course, you never judge a band by it’s name. But I’m just checking out @afinefrenzy, and I was expecting punk. Definitely not punk. #
  • @davewiner why’s it called OPML.dmg? #
  • @davewiner … lol, nevermind, sorry. =D #
  • So, where do I get Absinthe in the SF Bay Area? (I’m in SJ right now) #
  • I’ve only read about it in Hemingway books… apparently it’s legal now in the US?! (OMG) #
  • "Ernest Hemingway is said to have been a consummate absinthe drinker and was known to have a glass or two before running with the bulls." #
  • @dacort Well, I do like black licorice… So, I’ll probably at least like the taste. =D #
  • off to see Sweeny Todd at Oakridge #
  • Valet parking at the Mall. (Rushing to a movie) #
  • Chowing down at Sushi Boat. $30 / 10 minutes. #
  • @dacort re: drunken pie making … seen Sweeney Todd yet? #
  • I hope there’s a cure for cancer before I get it. #
  • @rsuenaga, "Unknown User … There is no user ryansuenaga at" #
  • @MarinaMartin interesting… we both tweet less around noon #
  • I can’t believe I’ve been on Twitter for 12 months already. It doesn’t feel like it at all. #
  • @MarinaMartin Some spammer’s been using my as the "sender" address for some time now. Quite frustrating. #
  • @robknight you beat me to it… I apparently joined Jan 31 this year. So, I have just over a month I guess before my ‘Twitterversary’. #
  • @Akula, @MarinaMartin Srsly… I met some kid at work who said, proudly (!), that his friend was a spammer. (Pretty sure he was let go) #
  • @RobKnight, kinda fun to look at those old tweets… @dacort ‘s perl script / csv file make it pretty easy. #
  • @MarinaMartin I’m not sure I’d go that far, but… yeah. #
  • /drinking sleepytime #
  • ooh, I set up OmniFocus with so I can add tasks via email (from my iPhone) !! #
  • Looking at my old tweets (.csv) in TextEdit. Fun. #
  • Twitter archives are way better than trying to keep a diary, in terms of keeping track of my daily life. For many reasons. Esp. incentive. #
  • /says goodnight #
  • um, hi @HRBlock, welcome to Twitter. Seriously. #
  • Just looking at … Why’s it all (mostly) Dutch? #
  • Hello, Hulu! (Thanks, Mashable Invites!) #

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