What I did on Saturday, Dec 29, 2007

  • I’m at Bad Ass Coffee in Santa Cruz. The cashier just told me that you can’t make a cappuccino with Half&Half… because it doesn’t foam. #
  • I’m calling BS tho, cuz I’ve had plenty foamy cappuccinos made with Half&Half. Any coffee nuts have an opinion? #
  • They made me a latte. That’s not even what I asked for. Hmm. Last time, I ordered the same thing, and it was great. Maybe it’s the cashier. #
  • Still tasty, I must admit. =D #
  • Using the free Macs at this cafe. The new aluminum keyboards are nice. #
  • At Marianne’s for 10-20 Ice Cream. #
  • My iPhone Lyrics wishes/prayers have been answered check out in =D #
  • @danielsoneg Thanks for the info! Now I want to go back to Bad Ass… But I’m out of town. #
  • I just spent too much time restoring my 1.1.2 iPhone, downgrading to 1.1.1 to jailbreak, then upgrading to 1.1.2 again. #
  • And something went wrong, because I don’t have anymore… so I’m pretty much back where I started. Grr. #
  • @Brittni, Welcome to Twitter! #

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