Email to Dreamhost Support: Funky Email/Subdomain Problem

Just sent this email to Dreamhost support… wonder if they’ll help me with my crazy email problem (not their fault).
(Dreamhost is where I’m hosting this blog, and some other sites)
= Email to Dreamhost =
Hi there,
Hoping you guys can help me with this.. I used to use a catch-all email address at for my own control of spam, etc. But, I’m not using that anymore, since Gmail does such a good job of spam filtering. Anyway, I just realized that any email sent to isn’t coming through to me anymore, and I have some web accounts that will only send the password to a saved address.
Okay so checked what’s up with, and I think I had configured that subdomain at another hosting service, and I lost that setup recently when I changed the nameservers to dreamhost’s.
Attempted Solution:
So to fix the problem, I went to create a subdomain in the dreamhost web panel. However, I’m using Gmail for, so a CNAME and MX record is automatically created by the panel, and I couldn’t find a way to modify the cname.
Here’s what I’d like to do, please let me know if you can help me, and if you think it will work:
– Delete the CNAME record (Leave the MX record though, for email) (Will this work?)
– Create “Google-hosted” subdomain on dreamhost, which will automatically set up CNAME/MX records …
– Set up as a “Domain alias” at (feature that allows you to use same gmail account for and addresses)
Think it will work? Can you help me delete the CNAME?

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