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I wish I could make this. I really wish I didn’t have a midterm
tomorrow. I wish I had this on my iPhone. I’d love to discuss the idea
further with anyone interested. Wish me luck on my Econ midterm at
11AM! (I need it!)

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What I did on 2007-11-15

  • I love how people look at me like I’m a lunatic… "Talking to myself" wearing these iPhone headphones. #

What I did on 2007-11-14

  • @ruperthowe, you’re cracking me up. sorry about the pain. just picturing you twittering your pain away is somehow amusing. anyway, i hop … #
  • watching the android video: [] #
  • street views on gPhones! 3D gaming on gPhones! I can’t wait. I’ll get on with real buttons and video recording to balance out my iPhone #
  • I love iChat’s Applescript capabilities in Leopard. So much hacking fun! #
  • woohoo! I figured out how to get rss feeds from [] work as podcasts in iTunes again! (I’ll blog it soon) #
  • this makes "Loving" music on the Hype Machine that much better, because your iTunes is downloading all that music you liked. #
  • just loved Islands – Rough Gem #
  • I’m doing some econ homework, and when I see "President Clinton" I keep thinking of Hillary. #
  • Trying my hardest to pay attention in Macroecon today. But nothing he says makes any sense. Must read book. #

Naked Juice

Naked Juice, originally uploaded by rpechler.

I’m drinking this in class… Pomegranate is my favorite Naked
Juice… The one I always got from the lobbies at Google. Anyway, I
just picked this up at the Oakes Cafe, for $3.68! (a hell of a lot
more than FREE). I wonder how much Google pays.

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What I did on 2007-11-13

  • my friend is DJ’ing Happy Hardcore (fast techno music) live right now from his dorm room: [http:/ … #
  • I just saw an ad on TV for breakfast to go from Denny’s. #
  • hooray for delegation #
  • drank too much caffeine. time for a little run. #
  • That probably took way to long for 2.73 miles. (distance measured with Google Earth’s Path Ruler tool) #

Le Cafe du Petit Prince

I’m not sure why, but this coffee cup reminds me of that wonderful French Children’s Book, Le Petit Prince. I actually would like to use the other colored cups, but the lids don’t fit those. And this is at the cafeteria at the UCSC Inn where I live, so I use these almost every day. 

Le Cafe du Petit Prince, originally uploaded by rpechler.

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What I did on 2007-11-12

  • Google’s IT dept chooses HP desktops over Dell … @Rafe #
  • @steverubel Awesome! I love learning about new products on Twitter #
  • just tried out meebo rooms… it’s pretty pointless. there’s no video, or audio, and you everyone would need a meebo account for their n … #
  • playing with SwitchResX on Leopard to make my Mac display the perfect size on my Plasma HDTV #
  • just told iChat to use the Twitteriffic sound when [] IM’s me #

What I did on 2007-11-11

  • @v, uh oh, is there a lot of traffic going into the city? #
  • @davewiner … Wii Sports Boxing can be quite a workout. Oh and the upcoming DDR for Wii is gonna be insane #
  • I put my acceptance of/to Google’s job offer in the mail #
  • Bringing my girlfriend to SHDH. #
  • Regretting wearing sandals to SHDH. Just parked. #
  • I’m finally at Super Happy Dev House (SHDH) #
  • when i turn twitter im on, does twitter sms stop? #
  • woohoo! company launch upstairs… (a DevHouse first!) #
  • The company was Osogato, which has a system for analyzing your music and making playlists for you. Works with iTunes. Free download soon. #
  • Now someone is demoing the OLPC operating system. Very interesting, different. #
  • Did you know the OLPC goes on sale at 3 AM on Monday morning? #
  • just met Gordon, who runs open source network security tool project ‘nmap’. You run it from the command line, against a server, and get … #
  • Using @rtm from twitter SMS #
  • Drove way too much today #
  • Going on a Santa Clara Valley wine tasting trip with school. #
  • We’re driving over 152 towards Gilroy. Such pretty fall colors! #
  • Wine tasting in the AM FTW! Getting ready for lunch under a grape covered veranda #
  • I’m at Fortino winery in Gilroy. I didn’t like a single wine here. #
  • At Solis winery, looks pretty nice, but I have a problem with the name… (high school related) #

What I did on 2007-11-10

  • @JasonCalacanis linky no worky #
  • twitter im, through jabber, is giving me duplicates of every tweet #
  • man i thought something was wrong with twitter IM.. i’ve been getting all sorts of halloween tweets today. i was still tracking ‘costume’ ! #
  • watching Crank with Brittni. I forgot how fun this movie is. #
  • they keep using Google Earth to show where they are in Los Angeles… in the movie! (Crank) #
  • Watching Michael Moore’s SiCKO now… it’s about health insurance in the US #
  • I don’t know what to say, other than… WATCH MICHAEL MOORE #
  • I don’t know what to say, other than… WATCH MICHAEL MOORE’S SiCKO #
  • I’m tracking ‘SHDH’ now. I’ll be late though… Going to take my parents’ cat to the vet first. #
  • I want a bookmarklet that takes a URL for any webpage with a flash video embed, converts for iPhone #SHDH #
  • Twitter SMS not sending me updates #
  • In the waiting room at the Emergency Pet Clinic. Our cat Pala just needs some fluids #
  • Thanks! @MarinaMartin … Though apparently it may be kidney failure. #

What I did on 2007-11-09

  • Woohoo! There’s drinking at my Wine Appreciation class! #
  • I spy what’s probably a moth pheromone plane in the sky #
  • Driving at night, I like looking for reflections to tell the color of traffic lights you can’t see. #
  • Watching the most recent episode of South Park. Stan/Kyle become Guitar Hero "Rock Stars" … it’s kinda lame so far. #
  • Okay okay, I take that back… It’s getting funny pretty quickly. Stan’s playing Heroin Hero now, "the ultimate first person shooter" ha! #
  • @v Gunfire?!?! #
  • @v funny? I don’t know. In some sense. That would be something to witness. Okay, picturing it now… yes, very funny. #
  • @jcrow, just saw your message about the protest: here’s a few pics I took: #
  • @v, lol! (dusting the tree sitters)… I was not in the trees, but I was in the crowd surrounding the police. I’m thinking about joining. #
  • @v, that is, I want to join the protesters in the trees, mainly just to check out how they did the platforms. It was quite impressive. #
  • btw, @jcrow, @v, good protest coverage here: and #
  • @jcrow, @v, most of all, watch the audio/photo slideshow of the protest at City on a Hill Press: #
  • @robknight, i believe the pheromone is normally given off by the males during mating season so the females can find them. now they can’t. #
  • @robknight, but, some people are claiming that the pheromone does have an effect on humans too, but i don’t know.. uh oh, what did you say!? #
  • Potentially harmful if swallowed, absorbed through skin, or inhaled[…]Avoid
    contact with skin, eyes and clothing. stay inside = good idea #
  • @robknight .. what?? BRUT cologne? #
  • @robknight … dang it must have been a long day, i can’t keep up with your humor. #
  • I just lay down to sleep… and heard that pheromone plane fly right overhead! #
  • @edbury Awesome! Is it the protest? #
  • having trouble installing flv2mpeg4 on dreamhost #
  • trying to get ffmpeg to use qt-faststart #
  • (i’m trying to hack together an on-the-fly flv->mp4 web service for the iphone) #
  • reinstalling ffmpeg with aac support #