What I did on Sunday, Dec 23, 2007

  • Restoring my iPhone. #
  • Yay! It’s like a brand new iPhone! #
  • I want this license plate: 1RIE420 #
  • Woohoo! Consistent WIFI to "the cottage" in back of my parents’ house. Finally. #
  • Oh. And this time, I made sure to only have one DHCP server, so we’re finally all on the same network, and can print and share files easily. #
  • Seesmic is something like what YouTube used to be… in terms of personal conversation. #
  • What’s your favorite Hex Editor for Mac? #
  • That Samsung Juke is apparently not loud enough. My girlfriend never hears it ring. #
  • If you’re 1337, you watch the log whenever you install anything on your mac. (CMD+L) #
  • It’s fun to watch famous (?) Mac programmers chat on Twitter. Thanks @brentsimmons and @danielpunkass #
  • Anyway, I’m finally installing Xcode #
  • @chrispirillo is crazy. #
  • @phillymac, ah well, maybe someday. Just let me know. =D #
  • When my blog is full of Twitter summaries, I know it’s really time to start blogging again. #
  • did you know [Shift] disables the "flash" in #
  • Is there any good website for finding tech products in local stores? #
  • Say I wanted to buy a certain camera… currently, I go to each store’s website (bestbuy/circuitcity/frys/…/.com) looking for lowest price #
  • This whole iPod Touch / iPhone VOIP confirmed for New Years thing is starting to sound like iphonesimfree (scammy) #
  • No CSS at #
  • I’m getting PT80 Label Makers for my girlfriend and mom. GTD. #
  • Do the people of Fiji actually benefit from the sale of Fiji Water here in the US? I think the should, but don’t think they do. #
  • My mom just asked for an invite to Facebook. Lookout! #
  • @courosa Agreed. @khokanson, I would only use a HD camcorder if you’re frequently recording events longer than 60 mins, and shorter than 3hr #
  • FacebookSync for Apple Address Book is awesome! #
  • The best part of FacebookSync: It downloads your friends’ Profile Pictures to Address Book. #
  • Just sync’ed my iPhone, so now I have all your pictures for when you call me. #
  • Oot and aboot today. SMS on. #
  • [flickr] Hanns-G 28" LCD Monitor: rpechler posted a photo: #

Hanns-G 28″ LCD Monitor

Hanns-G 28" LCD Monitor, originally uploaded by rpechler.


What I did on Saturday, Dec 22, 2007

  • Today’s sure going by quickly… Probably because it’s the shortest day of the year. (Winter Solstice). #
  • I’m supposed to be locked out of my room at the UCSC Inn (along with everyone else) over winter break. But my key still works! =P #
  • my video is working on vawkr now #
  • @danielsoneg your sister is cool. #
  • In the grand scheme of things, there’s no reason we should find low-quality video acceptable. I want HD video conferencing on my cellphone. #
  • I want to use my iPhone as a virtual external display for my laptop. #
  • Downloading ie4osx: #
  • @davewiner … no AppleCare? #
  • Very strange problem on my mac right now: no copy/paste, and no click+drag. Don’t know why. Too lazy to restart. Using QS as a workaround. #
  • Ughh.. time for a restart I guess. #
  • @phillymac uh oh! a restart didn’t fix the problem! #
  • @phillymac, you could always work at the Boston office 😉 #
  • btw, fixed my #Leopard problem, with a repair permissions and reboot. #
  • at Santana Row Best Buy. Ogling a 28" LCD. Too bad I’m not getting -this- for Christmas. #
  • @MarinaMartin… apparently, I could fight 28 five year olds. How did you score? #
  • @LoicLeMeur I’ll take a Seesmic invite! #
  • Thanks! @LoicLeMeur #
  • @MarinaMartin, I wonder what the max is… #
  • Cool! @Stammy #
  • @robknight … seriously.. I think it’s because it’s so expensive to do a flash audio recorder. #
  • Oh boy, Seesmic is too entertaining! #
  • @MarinaMartin where? #
  • @MarinaMartin… I don’t have that. = #
  • [flickr] for iPhone (idea): rpechler posted a photo:

    I wish I could make this. I .. #

  • ‘Night Twitterdom #
  • remember this? (Bush Freefall Game) #
  • @RobKnight fun game! #

What I did on Friday, Dec 21, 2007

  • christmas lights finally wired up. starting to feel like christmas now at my parents’ house #
  • tired of Snitter. and don’t want to pay for Twitteriffic. #
  • @v notifications coming to IM? please elaborate #
  • thanks @v for the suggestion! I’m running the old Twitteriffic without the ads now! #
  • @danielpunkass so, if you do stay over, it’s implied you should tip the servants? #
  • @danielpunkass well, I’ll try to remember this if I’m ever staying the night in a house with servants. Ha! #
  • dinnertime! #
  • Just told Facebook TwitterSync to filter out tweets containing the ‘@’ character. #
  • Going to see Beowulf at 7:25 at AMC 20 in Santa Clara. #
  • Getting ready to watch Beowulf in 3D. You get these cool glasses! #
  • @jowyang, be careful with the GorillaPod. I broke the small one. That size is probably only good for compact digicams. #
  • @phillymac It’s my dream job too! If your serious, let’s talk about it. #
  • @dsifry true dat. #
  • @Ross, looks promising… it’s not picking up my MBP (USB) iSight either #
  • @irinaslutsky have you tried Philips Senseo. It’s probably the closest to coffee delivery (in convenience) #

What I did on Thursday, Dec 20, 2007

  • Lupe Fiasco on repeat #
  • Firefox 3 Beta 2 FTW #
  • watching Bullitt (for the San Francisco chase scene) with parents. #
  • I love Menlo Park tapwater #

What I did on Wednesday, Dec 19, 2007

  • at the post office. naturally, it’s a mess. #
  • now everyone is cramming in because they’re closing the doors #
  • I just killed a spider in my bed with my iPhone. #

What I did on Tuesday, Dec 18, 2007

  • @tshellen that’s a crazy good book. read it for a class. Old man Tarwater get to ya? Or the crazy pimp driver? #
  • Lady Sovereign is probably what Lily Allen’s little brother Alfie listens to when he takes Ritalin. #
  • I think I’ve forgotten how to fall asleep. #
  • Appreciating Doc Searls’ writing style for the first time. #
  • @robknight, that’s surely a really good idea. but i’m already in bed. laptop in bed is some sort of cardinal sin, no? #
  • @v uh-oh! @robknight, well I did, but now I’m up again. With a new website idea. #
  • btw, @robknight, the chars look fine in Snitter #
  • i can’t believe how hard it is to enable audio recording on a website. imagine all the sites not made b/c you need $1000s to do it in flash. #
  • @csm, i liked your In Rainbows DiscBox review. #
  • Paul Krugman blogs: #
  • unsubscribing from Mashable in Google Reader. Wheat/Chaff ratio too low. #
  • Replaced a fuse with copper wire to get my windshield wipers working. #

What I did on Monday, Dec 17, 2007

  • So… what’s new? #
  • yay! I can finally try out hahlo! Thanks @kimonostereo #
  • watching last night’s Journeyman… I set my media mac up to my parents’ TV, and it downloaded the show automatically thru BT =D #
  • Having iPhone headphones means having a telephone headset handy. #
  • being paid to teach someone how to use Facebook #
  • Helvetica? @robknight #
  • Listening to Lady Sovereign. Such a cool sound. (UK Garage) #
  • Lol, can’t handle it anymore. #

What I did on Sunday, Dec 16, 2007

  • 12 hours of sleep (catching up after finals week). Now, doing laundry, unpacking. #
  • Trying to add the iusethis Facebook app. Seems I can’t associate the accounts because I used OpenID at iusethis. #
  • Hmm, maybe the iusethis FB app is "under construction". I’m seeing a ‘welcome to Catalyst’ ( message #
  • watching Bubble 2.0: The Video #
  • drinking caffeine, doing laundry #
  • hey! I think the "is" is really gone! (on Facebook) #
  • I can’t switch from Gmail to Apple Mail. I love Gmail too much. #
  • But I am trying to get used to putting the Dock on the left side. This way, I can see it all the time and have a tidy screen (widescreen) #
  • I wonder if Snoop flies NWA. (Northwest Airlines) #
  • NWA = Northwest Airlines …and Ni**as wit Attitude #
  • found my mom’s wallet after 1 minute. parents have been looking for it for hours. #
  • at a construction company’s Christmas party. Not feeling at home. #
  • I don’t see how people can stand PocketTweets. It’s flawed in so many ways. #
  • @robknight Do It! (Make the Leap) #

What I did on Saturday, Dec 15, 2007

  • I really need to figure out why Leopard’s QuickLook is so cool. #
  • Also, 1440×900 isn’t cutting it anymore for me. #
  • Finally home for winter break… I have time to read feeds again! #
  • Safari or Firefox? I can never decide so I use both all the time. #
  • Google’s Knol project seems very similar to something I made last year: #
  • tweaking the way Alex King’s WP TwitterTools does digest posts to my blog #
  • I -think- I fixed TwitterTools, fixed it from posting the wrong date when I have late-night posts. ‘Night, it’s bedtime. #